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Infant Massage Frequently Asked Quesations


Class is taught in about 5 sessions, usually a week apart, so that parent and baby have time to become acclimated to this new form of nurturing touch. Class is based on the teachings from Vimala McClure and the International Association of Infant Massage. 


What you will learn:


Parents and caregivers are educated on how to massage baby and how to interact with baby based on baby's cues. Relaxation, parent empowerment, respect, bonding, why babies cry, body language, positioning, pressure, rate, rhythm, and length of massage are some of the topics discussed in class. 


Class Structure:

Sessions are on BABY TIME ~ approximately an hour
 -Welcome and Introductions
 -Ice Breakers
 -Positioning and Relaxation Exercise
 -Understanding "Asking Permission"
 -Instruction on Strokes for that day
 -Demonstration of Strokes for that day 
 -Discussion and Questions
During a session, you will receive handout that are yours to keep and bring to the next session along with you 1st bottle of massage oil for your baby. Strokes taught in Session 1 are built on in the following sessions. If you are not going to be available on a scheduled session date, please discuss with instructor so other arrangements can be worked out accordingly. Babies brought to class need to be younger than 1 (one) year of age. If you do not have an infant (prenatal, caregiver, or learning massage for an older baby/child) please bring a doll of approximate baby size to practice strokes on.

What you should bring to class:

  • Extra diapers.

  • 2 blankets (one for baby to lay on and the other for warmth).

  • Favorite toy (helpful for babies to keep them occupied or sometimes needed distraction).

  • Anything else your baby might need.

  • If no baby, (or coming as a couple) a doll to practice strokes on.

  • Water and snacks will be provided.


Fee for class is $75 per person, Couples are discounted to $100.
Payments are made in cash or credit card at end of first session.
Class consists of up to five 60 minute sessions.
After Session 1, we will know as a group if we will have 4 or 5 session (this has to deal with BABY TIME).  

Private sessions or in home sessions are available.


Contact us for details on next class!




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