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Massage Therapy

Find N' Treat

30-minutes $40         1-hour $65          1 1/2-hours $90

This is our signature session for finding the source of pain, and applying more than one technique to help eliminate it. Let your therapist determine when to use Swedish, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, and/or Myofascial Release therapies based on the condition of your tissues at, and surrounding, the site of pain. Painful conditions often take a series of treatment sessions to resolve. Short-term problems usually resolve more quickly than long-term ones. We'll work through the problem with you.

Swedish Massage

30-minutes $40       1-hour $65       1-1/2 hours $90

Long, relaxing strokes with light, medium or firm pressure, that relax muscles, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, elevate mood, and lower neurological and emotional stresses. We recommend Swedish massage as your first introduction to massage therapy.

Hot Stone Massage

1-hour $75       1-1/2 hours $100

This technique utilizes the warm heat and energy of smooth stones to melt the deeper layers of muscles into relaxation. Stone massage is often incorporated into a therapeutic massage to target problems around the shoulders, neck and feet.

Pre-Natal Massage Therapy

30-minutes $40       1-hour $65      1 1/2-hours $90

Gentle massage for the mom-to-be—also benefitting the unborn child—and post-partum mom and baby. Our certified pre-natal therapists know how special this population is. They know the proper precautions and techniques to safely ease the muscle aches that accompany pregnancy. Pre-natal and post-partum massages have also been shown to improve alertness and calmness in the newborn.

Hand and Foot Reflexology    

30-minutes $40     1-hour $65     1 1/2-hours $90

Every organ and system in the body possesses reflex points in the hands and/or feet. This is one method of relieving pain and improving functions of the body.


Neuromuscular Therapy

30-minutes $40       1-hour $65       1 1/2-hours $90

This technique uses specific pressures to reduce pain in areas often described as "knots in my muscles". This pain commonly "shoots" to other areas when the "knot", or "trigger point", is pressed on - called referred pain. Neuromuscular Therapy can reduce these "knots" and eliminate the referred pain


Infant Massage Class

Five 1-hour sessions total $75

Parents/caregivers are educated on how to massage baby and how to interact with baby based on baby's cues (bonding). Relaxation, parent empowerment, respect, bonding, why babies cry, body language, positioning, pressure, rate, rhythm, and length of massage are some of the topics discussed in class. Class is five, sixty minute sessions, scheduled about a week apart. Sessions in home, or private, are also available.


Chair Massage


***Performed onsite at businesses and events*** Please Contact Us for details on scheduling.

Discount Options

Health and Wellness Maintenance Packages: Various specials are run throughout the year, please discuss packages with your therapist.                                                     

Year Round: ***$29 Tuesdays - Enjoy a full 1/2 hour Relaxation or Therapeutic massage EVERY Tuesday for just $29.


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