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Personal Training

Our ultimate goal is to help you help yourself through knowledge, positive energy, and the motivation you need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Clients often buy individual sessions for instructions in stretching, postural work to eliminate neck or back pain, core strength instruction, or problem identification based on symptoms with an assessment of movement patterns and postures. Our one-on-one semi-private gyms take you out of the 'cookie cutter' setting and into a non-intimidating yet motivating space.

Individual Sessions: 


30 mins    $30

60 mins    $40

Monthly Training Packages - Client Favorites!

Most of our training clients take advantage of our package rates. Quite a savings! Packages are purchased in groups of sessions. So, you don't have to wait for the beginning, or middle, of the month to jump into your new personal training enthusiasm! 


To keep you consistent, all sessions should be used within that 30-days. You can switch from one package to another, depending on your time and budgetary availabilities. Just choose a package, pay for it, schedule, and get working on the new and improved you! 


Most sessions are one-on-one with a trainer, unless you decide to have a group session with your friend/family member/significant other. All sessions include baseline assessments to make sure you are safe, and the exercises fit your needs and abilities. Your safety, confidence, and comfort are of foremost importance to us.

How we start:

Initial Intake paperwork and beginning assessments. 

Assessments include (if need/depending on your goals):  


  • Heart Rate/ Blood Pressure Readings        
  • Treadmill Walking Test        
  • Strength Test     
  • Range of Motion/ Flexibility        
  • Body Composition   

Our trainers Specialize in:


  • Peri-natal fitness (pre/post natal)
  • TRX suspension training
  • Functional training for your lifestyle
  • 'Just-getting-off-the-couch' health


Still unsure if we are the right fit for you? Schedule a Free Consultation Today!!!


We will see you in our training studios, working towards your health goals soon!!!



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